"Spencer Rothschild’s assistance in numerous facets of our new restaurant’s conceptualization and build out were priceless. Barrio Foods Consulting now handles all of our accounting/bookkeeping needs and produces all of our weekly financial reports, both essential elements to the successful management and growth of our business."

Danae Cappelletto, Founder, Travertine Restaurant

"I highly recommend Event Planner DNA to anyone looking to add efficiency and professionalism to their event planning."

Douglas Boxer, Partner, Rare Bar & Grill

"Event Planner DNA was such a bargain when I think of the time it saves and the exceptionally professional proposals it produces. The automatically generated BEO's have significantly reduced errors, benefiting everyone. I can't imagine ever planning our events without it again."

Joanne Kolker, Director of Special Events, Numerous fine dining restaurants throughout Manhattan

"Our restaurant is so busy and our staff so over programmed.  It's great to have someone you can turn to for side projects such as costing our entire menu.  When Spencer and his team showed us how quickly and simply they could complete the process for us, I was astonished. Since then, we have engaged Barrio Foods Consulting for several other projects and we continue to be delighted with the results."

Aaron Sanchez, Chef-Proprietor, Centrico and Paladar restaurants

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